How to Change the Email Address for Your Zeamo Membership

How to Change the Email Address for Your Zeamo Membership

You can not edit the email address for your Zeamo account however you can change it for your gym membership.

Follow the instructions below to change the email address associated with your membership. Please note that you need to have purchased a membership in order to implement this adjustment.

After purchasing a gym membership, make sure to submit a ticket to Zeamo as soon as possible so that our support team can change the email associated with it.

  1. If Zeamo has already sent your membership details to the gym for enrollment, you will need to wait until they have completed processing it
  2. You will then need to contact the gym or their customer support to change your email address as your membership is with them
  3. You do not need to log back into your Zeamo account to cancel your membership
  4. If you want to access your Zeamo account and are unable to due to an email issue, submit a ticket to our support team

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