How to Check-In to a Gym
This articles explains how to check-in to a gym or studio.
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Once you have successfully purchased a Zeamo Subscription from the website, the website will refresh the page and you will be directed to check-in to the gym with the app.

On the app, simply navigate to the Gyms map.

Click on the gym you want to check-in to and scroll down to the Zeamo Subscription area where you will now see a "Check In" button.

Click on the "Check In" button then confirm by clicking "Yes".

The pass will subsequently load in your "Passport" section.

Click on the Active Pass and present this to the front desk to check-in.

Note: most gyms will have a barcode where you can scan at the front desk

  • If there are no barcodes, the front desk will have their own system to check you in

  • Every gym operates slightly differently so please make sure to check-in with the front desk by showing them the screen above

Enjoy your workout!

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