Congratulations! You've just been introduced to the best corporate fitness network in the world. Here are answers to some questions you might encounter as you're getting set up: 

How do I decide on a plan?
As soon as you create your account, you can explore Zeamo partner gyms near you.

Once you have an idea of which gyms you want to attend, either choose one of our standard plans, or create a custom plan that includes access to the gyms you want. 

Is there a limit to the number of gyms I can visit? 

No limit! You get completely unlimited access to all gyms included in your plan. Workout as frequently as you like, wherever you like. 

Are there an enrollment, annual, or cancellation fees? 

No additional fees. No contracts. Just pay the monthly amount for whichever plan you choose. You can cancel at anytime.

How does the custom plan work?

Name your price! Decide how much you want to pay monthly based on which gyms you want to be included in your plan. 

Are classes included?

Yes, classes are included at our partner gyms, unless otherwise specified as 'Open Gym'.

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