👉🏼 Sign up here to create a free account. 

💪🏼After you create a Zeamo account, will you be able to purchase day, week, or month pass to any of our partner gyms. 

👉🏼 Be sure to select "opt in to receive special promotions," to receive our monthly discount offers.  

Can I sign up for a monthly subscription to Zeamo? 

Not exactly. Zeamo only offers a subscription option to members of our corporate passport program (and their dependents and/or spouse). 

But, wait! There's more: 

If you're a regular user who discovered Zeamo outside of their employer, you can still buy a month pass to a partner gym! 

🔎 Go to zeamo.com/explore and select "Month" on the right hand side. 

⇥ Drag the price point bar up to at least $1. 

This will show you all of our partner facilities which offer month passes through Zeamo.

If you're interested in joining our passport program, you'll need to recommend us to your employer by sending them here!

What if I already have an account through my employer? 

You're all set! You don't need more than one account. As a member of our corporate discount program, you're getting an unbeatable deal on access to gyms.

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