First things first, before you enter any partner gym, you'll need to purchase a pass. 

How do I purchase a Zeamo pass?

You can purchase a day, week, or month pass after you create a Zeamo account on our website or directly on our iOS and Android apps. 

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I just purchased a Zeamo day pass. Where can I find it?

Sign into Zeamo and find ‘My Passes’ at the top of your online dashboard or within the left sidebar of your app. This will show you all of your new, active, and expired passes.

New: Passes which you have purchased but not yet activated. We recommend that you wait to activate your pass until you're inside the facility— this is easiest with the Zeamo app. 

Active: Once you're inside the gym, press the "Activate" button and the pass will pop-up on your smartphone with a countdown until expiration. 

Expired: Passes that have been redeemed at the gym and cannot be re-used again will show up here. Note: All day passes expire at 11:59 PM the same day they are activated.

Can I check into my gym right away?

Yes you can! Once you purchase a pass, you have instant access.

How do I activate my Zeamo pass?

When logged in, you’ll notice the ‘My Passes’ tab at the top of our online dashboard or on the bottom of your mobile app. Simply click on your pass and select "check in." 

Once my pass is activated, how do I get into the gym? 

Just show the active pass on your smartphone to the front desk staff! 

Help! I left my phone at home. 

Don’t sweat it. If your pass has been activated, tell the front desk and they will look you up in their system. 

How many times can I use my Zeamo day pass?

If you're feeling motivated, we don't want to put a limit on your workouts. Once activated, day passes stay active until midnight. 

Can I cancel an active gym pass?

Once a day pass has been activated, it cannot be cancelled.

What do I need to bring to the gym?

Most gyms strongly advise that you wear appropriate workout attire. 

Please double-check each facility’s description within Zeamo to see if they have any additional requirements. 

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